Why you should have bike-sharing in your city ?

  • Ecological means of transport

    by cycling you don't contribute to traffic and air pollution
    you also don't waste time looking for a parking place
  • Non-stop operation

    system is unattended and ready for use
    365 days a year 24 hours a day
  • City for people

    healthy city without cars and exhaust emissions
    fast, cheap and ecological means of transport
  • Healthy lifestyle

    cycling is one of the healthiest sports
    even a short trip by bicycle helps keep the body fit


Liverpool, United Kingdom

Szcecin, Poland

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Why you should have HOMEPORT bikesharing ?

  • Solution that you need

    fully customized and flexible system
    the entire system is powered by solar panels
  • Easily adapt to any location

    modular station construction
    minimum of ground work = minimal distortion of the terrain
  • Be successful it's easy

    easy and quick registration and rental,
    within a minute you are riding a bike !
  • Modern technology

    we use the model of Software as a Service,
    which assures high security and 99,99% availability

HOMEPORT bikesharing
systems in the world

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Reading, United Kingdom

Lincoln, United Kingdom

Oxford, United Kingdom

Northampton, United Kingdom

Dumfries, United Kingdom

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Southport, United Kingdom

Koper, Slovenia

Prague - Karlin, Czech Republic

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

La Rochelle, France

Bielsko Biala, Poland

Szcecin, Poland

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

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HOMEPORT system ?


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